Ryan Bales
Lead Product Designer

Project Overview

The Problem

Existing e-commerce analytics tools focus on providing data, but lack actionable insight that will translate into a positive ROI for store owners.

The Goal

The goal of Avatria Convert is to use machine learning to automatically optimize e-commerce stores.

Design Challenges

  1. Design a setup process that delivered on the promise of Convert being easier to use than Google Analytics.

  2. Working directly with engineers to not only understand what data is being collected, but design an analytics platform that provides actionable insights for an average e-commerce store owner.

My Responsibilities

  • Design Strategy

  • Prototyping

  • UI Design

  • User Testing


Sketch, MockFlow, Adobe CS

Design Process
Avatria Convert


Evaluate Product

I began this project by taking a deep dive into the product. I held meetings with engineers, project owners, and the UX researcher I was paired with in order to understand the product inside and out.

Review User Research

Working with a UX researcher, we identified user pain points.

  • Product lacked overall cohesion.

  • Navigation is confusing.

  • Product lacked truly insightful analytics.

  • It's ugly.

Avatria Convert

Prototypes & Testing

I began the prototyping process by taking a requirements document created by myself, project managers, and other stackholders and mocked out each page and user interaction. I created over 140 prototypes.

In order to make sure we were on the right path, I converted the majority of prototypes into interactive screens using InVision and performed user tests.

Test Findings

  • Overall user flow worked as expected.

  • Some users found the navigation confusing.

  • Users wanted to see more charts/data visualization.

I took the feedback and iterated on the prototypes.

Avatria Convert

Style Guide

Prior to building out the detailed designs, I used the prototypes to identify common components and created a style guide for both this project and future projects.

Avatria Convert
Avatria Convert


The main dashboard was designed based on user feedback. We identified the metrics most important to the users and displayed it here.

Quick Overview

  • Snapshot of site performance.

  • Overview of system status and any action items.

Avatria Convert

Data Management

Designed to allow users to easily import and export various datasets related to their e-commerce site.

Illustrates the process of simplifying a complex navigation hierarchy .

Avatria Convert


Designed to allow users to easily view reports for specific product lists.